Wifi Repeater

  • ZP-R602
  • ZP-R602


  • MTK7628 chipset
  • 2.4-2.4835GHz
  • USB 2.0 inteface
  • internal 2dbi antenna
  • Product description: internal 2dbi antenna usb2.0 300M WiFi Wireless Repeater

* 300m wireless extension range

* internal omni directional antenna

* provides a usb2.0 port

* generally conforms to ieee 802.11n, ieee 802.11g and ieee 802.11b standards.

* wlan802.11n, for wireless high-speed access up to 300mbps, is ideal for video streaming, online gaming and Internet calling.

* Simple installation assistant provides quick and free installation.

* The user interface supports free web software updates.

* long distance transmission, 100 meters indoors, 300 meters outdoors (depending on the surrounding environment)

* Support for remote/local web management and web upgrades


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