bluetooth adapter

  • ZP-BW1
  • ZP-BW1


  • RT8723 chipset
  • wifi + bluetooth
  • 150mbps wifi
  • Product description: 2IN1 Mini 150M Wireless Wi-Fi USB Wifi Network Lan Card + Bluetooth V4.0 Adapter for PC Desktop Laptop
General Description
WIFI+Bluetooth module with smaller size, high performance and high linearity output power consumption, specifically designed to support high throughput data rates for next generation WLAN products. It is designed to supports IEEE 802.11g/b and 802.11n payload data rates. It provides the combined functions of DSSS and OFDM baseband modulation, MAC, CPU, memory, host interfaces, and direct conversion WLAN RF radio on a single integrated chip. For security, It supports 802.11i security standards through implementation of the AES /CCMP, WEP with TKIP, AES/CMAC, and WAPI security mechanisms. For video, voice, and multimedia applications, 802.11e QOS and 802.11h DFS are supported .It is also equipped with a coexistence interface for external, co-located 2.4GHz radios, also supported a SDIO interface for connecting WLAN activity to the host processor.
The range of applying
Digital products (Printer, Digital camera, Digital photo frame)
Game player
Consumer electronic device and intelligent appliances (such as TV, DVD player, media player, etc)
Table computer, notebook, E book

Smart phone and other mobile applications

Package list:

1.usb wifi bluetooth dongle

2.CD driver

3.blister package and paper card


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