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  • android tv remote
  • 2.4g wireless
  • black
  • 10-20m Working Distance
  • Product description: android tv remote Air Mouse

android tv remote  Specifications

(1) Transmission: 2.4G RF wireless

(2) Sensor: 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor

(3) Number of keys: 77

(4) Range: >10m

(5) Battery Type: Built in lithium battery

(6) Material: Plastic and silicone

(7) Size: 168*55*16 mm

(8) Weight: 100g

Acceleration Sensor 3 axesgyroscope
Gyro-sensor 3axesg-sensor
Communication 2.4 Ghz
Working Distance 10-20m
Frequency 2.400-2.483Ghz
Working Current <10mA(The voltage for recording status is about 18mA)
Stand by Current <30uA
Battery Rechargeable lithiumbattery
Indicator 2 LEDindicator
Product Size 168*55*16MM(L*B*H)
Receiver Size 18.58*14.59*6.7mm(L*B*H) minireceiver
Weight 100g
System CompatibleforWindows, Mac OS, Linux,Android

Packing list :

1.android tv remote G7 air mouse

2.user manual

3.usb cable

4.color box

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