Wifi Adapter

  • ZP-600M
  • ZP-600M
  • ZP-600M
  • ZP-600M
  • ZP-600M
  • ZP-600M


  • 600M wireless wifi adapter
  • usb 2.0
  • RTL8811AU/CU
  • 2.4GHz +5GHz Dual Frequency
  • Product description: black 600mbps RTL8811CU/AU chipset AC 802 11 2.4GHz/ 5.8GHz wireless serial mini wifi adapter for desktops PC.

11ac 600M usb wifi adapter

• Chipset:Reatek 8811AU/CU
• System:Win10/8.1/8/7/xp/vista;32/64bits;MAC IOS;Linux
• Supports 802.11ac standard- The next generation of Wi-Fi
• Backward compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/n products
• 3dBi External Antennas providing even better wireless performance
• Ultra-fast AC600 (433+150Mbps) wireless speed with 802.11ac
• Maximum speed up to 5GHz 433Mbps or 2.4GHz 150Mbps
• Dual Band connections for lag-free HD video streaming and gaming
• Supports Windows 10/8/7/XP 32/64bit,MAC OS,Linux


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